Learn Advanced Orthodontic Principles & Techniques
On Our Expert WEBINARS

On our LIVE WEBINARS, our coaches tackle some of the most challenging topics in orthodontics today. They will help you to:

  • Get a firm grasp on the fundamental principles behind new treatment modalities
  • Open your mind to ideas and possibilities you weren’t aware of before
  • Understand what aspects of orthodontic treatment you can work to improve in order to reach a new level of expertise
  • See real examples of how our coaches have treated very difficult cases you’d have to see to believe

We also allow for plenty of Q&A time, so those who attend live can get their questions answered on the spot.

Below you’ll see our next upcoming webinar, followed by our archive of past webinars. (Video recordings are available for purchase for only 100 Credits = $100 USD.)

Watch Dr. Dovi Prero as he discusses his experience with Your Ortho Coach

August 23, 2020

Webinar: Updating Practice Strategies with High Frequency Pulse Vibration

Worth 1 AGD/PACE CE Point Dr. Gary Brigham returns for his a follow-up webinar! This…
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March 27, 2020

Webinar Preview: The Ideal Virtual Set-up: Seeing It, Saying It, Setting It

Learn the distinction between applying over-corrections and over-treatments to a clear aligner virtual set-up. Utilizing…
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March 21, 2020

FREE Live Webinar with Dr. Willy Dayan! Wed April 1st @ 8pm Eastern

No, this is not a hoax. Promise! The Bicuspid Extraction Approach with Clear Aligner Therapy…
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December 15, 2019

Webinar: Opening Spaces for Upper Lateral Replacement Implants

December's Webinar with Dr. Willy Dayan Releases December 17th 2019 Join Dr. Willy Dayan as…
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November 19, 2019

Webinar: Food For Thought with Laura Cafik-Martin

November's Webinar with Laura Cafik-Martin Releases November 19th, 2019   Being hospitable only adds value…
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