Become A Master Aligner Clinician By Creating Your Own “Aligner Residency”

Evolution of Orthodontics

The field of orthodontics has evolved tremendously over the last few decades – and it continues to do so.

It can be hard to adapt to digital orthodontics, computer-customized plastic aligners and all the other innovations that have occured.

You may have tried using these new systems, only to find you couldn’t get the same results you’re used to with traditional systems. Using new technologies improperly leads to bad results, frustration, and unsatisfied patients. Still, patients want you to use the latest systems.

You CAN give them what they want – while also getting better results than ever before.

Watch Our Founder, Dr. Willy Dayan, Deliver An Eye-Opening Presentation

  • Why you MUST be proficient in Aligners to treat some patients successfully
  • How to solve deep anterior overbites with Aligners
  • Critical mistakes Orthodontists make with Aligners that lead to terrible results
  • How to master vertical control in deepbites and openbites with Aligners
  • Why braces can be disastrous for patients who have a long lower face height – but Aligners are ideal

Our Aligner Coaching services will allow you to...

  • Tap into the knowledge of expert coaches who will help you handle complicated cases in a way that is individual and responsive.
  • Start your cases off with a great treatment plans and predictably get excellent results with very few refinements – so you don’t spend a lot of time and money fixing problems later on.
  • Learn the intricacies of Aligner Therapy from highly experienced Orthodontists with 1000s of cases under their belts, so you don’t spend a ton of time making mistakes and damaging your reputation while you develop your skills.
  • Understand Aligner Therapy from the ground up – starting with the fundamentals of diagnosis, treatment plan analysis, force system and anchorage needs, incorporating attachment design and placement, and more…
  • Push your skills to the next level, expand your thinking about how plastic moves teeth, and confidently attempt more difficult cases with plastic than you have historically done.
  • Develop the knowledge and skill to become an independent expert in your own right and eventually handle the more difficult cases on your own.

This program is for dedicated Orthodontists who are willing to put in the work and challenge themselves to learn new ways of thinking.

It is NOT for those who think they can rely on the products and devices to do their work for them.

It is NOT for Orthodontists who want the coaches to do all their work for them.

Our goal is to help you become an independent thinker who can apply the technologies to your cases in new creative ways and still produce amazing results.

Aligner Systems accepted at Your Ortho Coach

Here’s How It Works…

Dr Willy Dayan ad Laura Cafik-Martin Orthodontic Coaches


You submit a Case Answer Request with your patient details, including any information or specific concerns you may have about the case - and any records you choose to attach.

Get Your Custom Video

Your coach will record a detailed video answer and publish it to your account within our system, usually within 1 to 3 business days. You’ll see the coach navigate the ClinCheck, break down complex problems into their basic elements, and explain their recommendations - all on video that you can watch again and again.


You will have the opportunity to ask clarification questions about the video response at no additional cost.

3 types of Case Answer Requests you can submit

New Aligner Case Request

$ 275


This is for submitting a new case to Your Ortho Coach. It can be used for a patient who is in the middle of orthodontic treatment, as long as it is a new case to our coaches. The coach will:

  • Evaluate all attached orthodontic records
  • Check the treatment plan and give recommended changes & improvements
  • Give advice in designing the aligner treatment plan

I'm ready to begin

Modification Case Request

$ 200


This is for following up on a case that was previously submitted to Your Ortho Coach. The coach will:

  • Re-evaluate the updated treatment plan
  • Give recommendations on how to proceed with the case
  • Give advice for additional aligners where the patient has completed the first set of aligners

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Ask Our Experts

$ 275


If you have ever wanted to ask an ortho expert a question, any question, about something in the field – now you can! Choose one of our experts, and pick their brain about any topic you want to:

  • Use their vast experience treating very difficult cases to gain insight and knowledge
  • Possibly gain insight on how to identify difficult yet treatable cases in the future.
  • Help move along struggling cases you might currently be treating.

I'm ready to begin

Ready To Get Started?

Before you can start submitting Case Answer Requests, you’ll first have to purchase a coaching package.

Our coaching packages are designed to be flexible and allow you to try out any of the coaching services we offer.

When you buy one of our coaching packages, you’ll get coaching credits that you can later decide to spend on any of our coaching programs (or webinars) with any of our coaches as you see fit. YOC Credits are usable for 2 years after purchase.