Our Flexible Coaching Packages Allow You To Tailor Your Coaching To Your Unique Needs

Here's how it works:

We want to allow you to choose your own coaching path and get exactly the coaching you need, when you need it.

We use a credit system that allows you to do just that.


Purchase credits

You get a package of coaching credits. (Bigger packages come with more bonus credits.)

Log into your account

If you’re a new member, you’ll be given a login to access the members area for your account.

Access your programs or webinars

In the members area, you can spend your credits on any of our coaching programs or webinars as you see fit. *See how many credits each service costs below.

Choose Your Coaching Package


$ 500

515 Credits

Get 515 Credits for every $500 you spend.


$ 2000

2100 Credits

Get 2100 Credits for every $2000 you spend.


$ 5000

5500 Credits

Get 5500 Credits for every $5000 you spend.

You Can Use Your Credits For Any Of The Following:

Services Offered


Aligner Coaching – New Case 275
Aligner Coaching – Case Modification 200
Pre-Treatment Case Evaluation 100
Live 1-on-1 Coaching 1000
Live or On-Demand Webinars 150