WEBINAR SET: Minimizing Your Digital Homework in 3 Steps with Dr. Willy Dayan

Worth 1 Hour per Step (3 total for the full set)

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As orthodontists increase the share of their practice using digital orthodontic systems like aligner orthodontics, the amount of digital homework for doctor increases to an unmanageable level. Often orthodontists are doing this “digital homework” in their personal time, and this becomes a challenge to their lifestyle.

This set of webinars shows the orthodontist how to move this “digital homework” into the hands the staff, and still allow the orthodontist to detail the orthodontic decisions required to customize the orthodontic treatment for individual patients.

The goal is to “Stop Taking Work Home.”

You Will Learn:

  • How to detail your digital orthodontic plan with zero doctor time.
  • Reduce the time required to get successful digital plans.
  • Start modification instructions right in your 1st exam consultation without adding any doctor time to that appointment.

This webinar set is in 3 different steps, and can be purchased separately or altogether.

  • All 3 Steps: $500 for 3 hours of lecture + 3 CE Hours
  • Each Step Separately: $200 + 1 CE Hour

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