Maximizing MOPs Protocols in a COVID 19 Environment

Dr. Gary Brigham hosts his first YOC webinar on MOPs protocols and why this has become particularly useful during the era of coronavirus (our first webinar mentioning the pandemic, woohoo!). Find out the best ways to accelerate teeth with the methods Dr. Brigham uses and how to implement this into your own practice!

You Will Learn:

  • Why accelerating orthodontic tooth movement with MOPs is particularly relevant in a COVID-19 environment.
  • The science supporting MOPs and why it remains the gold standard for acceleration
  • How to review the updated MOPs treatment protocol to yield a more efficient and profitable workflow, and to enhance practice image

Get access to the full Webinar from Dr. Brigham at our YOC On-Demand Library on Tuesday, July 14th. Not a member? Check this out!