Your Ortho Coach at the AAO – Get 10% Rebate on Credits!

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Watch YOC Coaches at AAO 2021!

Friday June 25th (all times are EDT)
3:40pm Dr. Willy Dayan
– Ideal Occlusion is NOT Always the Ideal Treatment Plan
2:00pm Dr. Maz MoshiriSuggestions for Systematic Treatment of Orthognathic Surgical Patients with Clear Aligners

Saturday June 26th
2:20pm Dr. Regina BlevinsMaximizing Digital Efficiencies
2:20pm Dr. Jonathan NicozisisEfficiencies of Aligner Treatment in Teens and Early Treatment
3:45pm Laura Cafik-MartinAligners Simplified.

We miss our in-person convention time! So the team at Your Ortho Coach are offering a special 10% Rebate Code for your 1st purchase of credits made during the 2021 AAO.


Use this code on your 1st purchase from June 25th to 27th
and receive 10% extra* Your Ortho Coach credits!

* This 10% percent is calculated from the USD total purchased and is not affected by the bonus credits from the Coaching Packages found here. For example, a $5,000 credit package earns you 500 additional credits – and another 500 credits would be applied to your account within 24 hours after using the 10% Rebate Code – for a total of 6,000 credits for $5,000. This Rebate is not instant and will be credited to your account within 24 hours of purchase.