April 2020 Aligner Cafes with Dr. Dayan

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Mon Apr 20th at 8pm EDT

Vertical Control and Leveling in Aligners

1 CE Point – 75 to 90 minutes
This ClinCheck Cafe is for you if…

  • You are struggling with posterior openbites in your aligner cases
  • You want to see success in closing anterior openbites with posterior intrusion
  • You are struggling with deepbites remaining deep and not correcting fast enough
  • Your curves of spee corrections are not happening the way they should.
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Tue Apr 21st at 8am EDT

Correcting Class II and Class III Discrepancies with Aligners

1 CE Point – 75 to 90 minutes
This ClinCheck Cafe is for you if…

  • Your cases of Class II or Class III corrections are not getting better
  • You want to learn when and how to set up bite jumps or sequential distalization cases
  • Your sagittal cases are taking longer to correct then with braces…IT SHOULD BE FASTER!!
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Wed Apr 22nd at 8pm EDT

Controlling Roots With Aligners: Torque, Tipping, Extractions, & More

1 CE Point – 75 to 90 minutes
This ClinCheck Cafe is for you if…

  • Your power ridges are causing non-tracking on anterior teeth
  • Your torque in the ClinCheck is not expressed in the patients teeth
  • You want to parallel roots in extraction cases, and its not working
  • Your extactions cases are experiencing collapse of the teeth into the extraction sites
  • Your root movements are just not happening!
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Thu Apr 23rd at 8am EDT

How to Orthodontically Treatment Plan Cases with Combined Mechanics of Aligners and Braces with Wires

1 CE Point – 75 to 90 minutes
This ClinCheck Cafe is for you if…

  • You want to treat cuspid impractions, molar impactions, ectopically erupting teeth
  • Dealing with severe bicuspid rotations that take too long to correct with aligners alone
  • Trouble shooting movements in mid treatment that are non-tracking
  • Reducing multiple “additional aligner orders” to finish cases
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