Live Coaching with Laura Cafik-Martin – Orthodontics and Covid-19: The Importance of Oral Health

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Tue May 5th at 11am EDT — SOLD OUT!

The Value of Orthodontics

60 minutes

Under the circumstances of COVID-19 people more than ever will questions where they want to spend their time and money. Let’s shift our mindset and help more people understand the value of orthodontics.

Join Laura LIVE for her exclusive party of 24 to learn how she increases sales by getting the first yes. YES, to ORTHO.

Attendees will practice with peers to gain confidence and tips on how to engage, build trust and add value for your upcoming virtual consultations.

Put your favourite lipstick, gloss or Chapstick on. Laura wants to see all your faces. The time will ZOOM by so reserve your SPOT NOW.


Tue May 12th at 11am EDT — SOLD OUT!

Shifting the Mindset of Your Patients

60 minutes

During COVID-19 everyone is worried about staying healthy. Let’s educate the public and especially your patients on the importance of their oral health as part of their overall health.

During this one-hour zoom the session, TC Coach Laura Cafik-Martin will teach you how she and Dr. Willy Dayan increase the value & the urgency with patient education. Today’s Topic: Understanding the consequence of CROWDING and how to communicate this effectively to your virtual consult’s entire family. You and 5 others will practice and learn how to motivate patients with this magical information.

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