Aligner Cafes in July 2020

Aligner Cafes are comin’ in HOT in July!

Dr. Willy Dayan and Dr. Bill Kottemann invite you to learn more about aligners and aligner biomechanics in our virtual small group coaching sessions, lasting up to 1.5 hours and worth 2 AGD/PACE Continuing Education Points. Get to understand the types of cases your fellow cafe doctors look for guidance on, and learn more than you expected with the coach’s insightful instruction.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Analyze the measurements from the individual patient’s orthodontic records and customize the orthodontic treatment objectives for the circumstances of the conditions of the individual patient.
  • Customize the orthodontic force plan from appliances once the orthodontic objectives of treatment are clearly established.
  • Troubleshoot mid-treatment challenges when the patients’ clinical conditions are not progressing as planned.
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Thu Jul 2nd at 8pm EDT with Dr. Willy Dayan

Varying Class II & III Elastic Set-Ups for Deep-Bite vs. Open-Bite

2 CE Points – 90 minutes

Members: Purchase for 400 Credits


Thu Jul 9th at 8:30pm EDT with Dr. Bill Kottemann

Bicuspid Extraction Cases With Clear Aligners: It Is Easier Than You Think

2 CE Points – 90 minutes
About this Aligner Cafe:

Many practitioners are reluctant to take on bicuspid extraction cases with clear aligners. This aligner cafe will show case examples and give advice on how to close spaces without undue tipping of teeth. Emphasis will be placed on setting up the computer treatment plan to build in gable bends and attachments to keep teeth upright. Tips on uprighting teeth during treatment will also be demonstrated.

Members: Purchase for 450 Credits


Mon Jul 20th at 12pm EDT with Dr. Willy Dayan

Exposing Useful Surfaces for Aligner Biomechanic Enhancements

2 CE Points – 90 minutes

Members: Purchase for 400 Credits

More Aligner Cafe Dates will be added here soon!