Webinar: Updating Practice Strategies with High Frequency Pulse Vibration

By August 23, 2020Webinar

Worth 1 AGD/PACE CE Point

Dr. Gary Brigham returns for his a follow-up webinar! This robust webinar reviews the complex history of pulse vibration and recent laboratory and clinical studies that have clarified the efficacy if high frequency (HF) pulse vibration devices for clinical use.
In addition, the difference between catabolic and anabolic effects of these devices will be clarified and the science presented that underlies the application of HF pulse vibration. Finally, cases will be presented where HF pulse vibration has been applied as adjunctive therapy for clear aligner treatment.

You Will Learn:

  • The differences between high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF) pulse vibration devices.
  • That the frequency of the device is not the frequency delivered to the dentoalveolar component, and the technical reasons as to why.
  • That because of HF vibration’s gradient effect, there are multiple anabolic effects that can be
    applied in a number of clinical situations.
  • Recent research has determined that HF pulse vibration devices can be used both in the active
    and retentive phases of orthodontic treatment.

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