Quick Tip Video: Intruding Offending Interferences – A Solution to the Mid-Treatment Posterior Openbite

We recently announced our upcoming webinar titled “How to Deal with Mid-treatment Posterior Openbites In Aligner Orthodontics”, hosted by Dr. Willy Dayan.

Dr. Dayan wanted to give you a preview of the kinds of solutions he’ll be presenting in the webinar – so that’s the topic of this month’s 5-minute Quick Tip Video.

In the video, he quickly explains how the posterior openbite can be solved by intruding offending interferences.

You’ll see how he handled a real case using Invisalign expansion and elastics support to reduce a canted occlusal plane – and then solved the resulting posterior openbite.

Take a look:

Keep in mind, this is only one of many methods Dr. Dayan uses to solve mid-treatment posterior openbites.

If you want to learn the others, make sure you register for the upcoming webinar. It’s happening on Tuesday, May 22nd at 8pm EST.