Tutorial – uLab: Submit a Case to YOC

By September 13, 2022Tutorials & Help

Welcome uLab Doctors!

Learn how to submit a case to Your Ortho Coach:

Step 1: Request Coaching through the button on your dashboard, and then, in the Coaching Services drop down, choose uLab New Case.
Step 2:
Put your uLab login details in the text box, along with the case number so the coach can access the records to make your video reply.
Step 3: Add any treatment details that you want the coach to be aware of.
Step 4: Below the text box you can add any images, x-rays and files that you would like.
Step 5: The Coach will make any necessary changes and once finished they will close down the file without saving the changes.
Step 6: The original design file on your account will remain unchanged and from there you can go in and make the changes and approve the case.

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