Introducing Dr. Willy Dayan’s MasterClass: Inaugural Spring 2021 Session

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Build a solid biomechanic foundation
for your aligner patient treatments!

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About the Spring 2021 Master Class:

Coming together over the last year, Dr. Willy Dayan has seen transformations in continued education that have inspired him to put together an A to Z comprehensive aligner biomechanics course that allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home. Throughout the next year, you will be given monthly lectures along with regularly scheduled quizzes, discussions, and aligner cafes to put your aligner biomechanic skills on top of the game! Learn how to master the plastic with world-class aligner biomechanic educator, Dr. Willy Dayan, for the LOW, first timer’s fee of 2 aligner cases: $10,149 USD.

Included in the Course:

  • Nearly 20 hours of lectures for review, beginning with the most basic biomechanics, into the most advanced.
  • At least 6 Discussions & 2 Aligner Cafes for access to 1-on-1 time with Dr. Willy Dayan!
  • A small group of other classmates to share ideas and cases with.
  • At least 25 AGD/PACE CE Points! (This number may rise as the course schedule is finalized, but will not be any less)
  • Access to all lectures for 12 months, so you can revisit ideas as you learn and grow in your aligner game!

Registration Requirements:

  • $3,000 USD initial fee for a successful registration, and 3 further payments of $2,383 USD by the 15th of June, September, and December. Total: $10,149 USD
  • Access to a WiFi-connected computer with streaming video and Zoom video capabilities, and a camera & microphone.
  • Completed Registration Form.
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Overview of the Class Schedule:

Complete Schedule with dates & times will be distributed at the beginning of the course.

  • March: Introduction to Dr. Willy Dayan Orthodontics
  • April: Non-Extraction Aligner Biomechanics
  • May: Vertical Control: Deepbite & Openbite Solutions Part I
  • June:Vertical Control: Deepbite & Openbite Solutions Part II ($2,383 USD due on 15th)
  • July: Sagital Control: Class II & III Solutions Part I
  • August: Sagital Control: Class II & III Solutions Part II
  • September: Aligner Biomechanics: Extraction Cases Part I ($2,383 USD due on 15th)
  • October: Aligner Biomechanics: Extraction Cases Part II
  • November: Creative Cases – Mixed Dentition and Periodontal Considerations & Solutions
  • December: Creative Cases – Pre-Restorative, Pre-Prosthetic, Canted Occlusal Plane, & More ($2,383 USD due on 15th)
  • January 2022: Business Considerations
  • February 2022: Summary & Conclusion

Terms of Service: By registering for the Your Ortho Coach Master Class with Dr. Willy Dayan, you are agreeing to not publish, record, distribute, or otherwise share the lectures and any Master Class contents with any persons not enrolled in your class group. You also agree to pay the full $10,149 as outlined above in the Registration Requirements upon a successful registration, and you understand that we will be able to accept purchased YOC Credits as payment for the Spring 2021 Master Class with Dr. Willy Dayan. By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you also accept that the Terms may change suddenly and without notice, as long as it does not pertain to the payment schedule agreed to upon registration.
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