Dr. Bart Iwasiuk

“I was inspired by the multi-disciplinary approach to dental rehabilitation by the members of the Seattle Study Club, and Dr. Vince Kokich Sr in particular… I witnessed impossible malocclusion fully resolved and patients rehabilitated not through heroic dental camouflage restorations, but rather by a systematic resolution of the underlying dental problem starting from the foundation up. This was predictable, stable, healthy, and beautiful dentistry… and that is what I wanted to master.”

Dr. Iwasiuk has been a practicing orthodontist since 2002. Upon graduation, he joined one of Canada’s largest Orthodontic practices. Being involved in such a high pace, extremely busy environment gave him a tremendous amount of exposure and experience in a rather short period of time.

He was recruited by Align Technologies to become one of their Faculty Members, and has traveled throughout North America leading a number of courses and presentations involving Aligner Orthodontics. His practice is one of the Beta testing sites for a number of Align products.

He has also been involved with the University of Rochester in creating a residency curriculum that covers Aligner therapy, so that future generations of orthodontist can obtain this critical knowledge during their formal training rather than informally afterwards.

Dr. Iwasiuk’s first formal instructional experience was teaching first year Calculus courses at the University of Toronto while studying to obtain his Dental Degree. He tries to enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible.

Awards, Statuses & Memberships:

  • Align Faculty member
  • Align Technologies Clinic Studies Group
  • Align Technologies Key Opinion Leader
  • Associate Professor University of Rochester, Eastman Dental Centre
  • American Association of Orthodontics member
  • Canadian Association of Orthodontics member

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Science Majoring in Math and Physics from the
  • University of Toronto
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Toronto
  • General Practice Residency Junior and Senior from University of Washington
  • Orthodontic Certification from the University of Rochester, Eastman Dental Centre

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