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By March 21, 2020Webinar

No, this is not a hoax. Promise!

The Bicuspid Extraction Approach with Clear Aligner Therapy

The objective of orthodontic treatment does not change depending on the method. This does not mean that the biomechanics for the different appliances systems are all the same. In removable orthodontic aligner therapy, both the order of orthodontic movements and the biomechanics in operations could be different, the objectives remain the same!

Dr Dayan teaches how to take advantage of the special characteristics of aligners system, and how to engineer an aligner plan to treat extraction cases to the same standards as traditional orthodontics:

You Will Learn:

  • To share the clinical experience with extraction cases treated with clear aligner therapy.
  • To show that with a deep understanding of the correct attachments, and proper staging and aligner shape modifications, aligners can be very good to control root movements in extraction cases.