October 23rd 2018 – Dr. Willy Dayan & Laura Cafik-Martin: The Ultimate Consultation Formula for Increasing Treatment Acceptance & Compliance

By October 3, 2018Webinar
The Ultimate Consultation Formula

Your consultation process can make or break you as an orthodontist.

The success of your practice rests on your ability to give a great consultation that gets patients to want what you know they need. You cannot afford to “wing it.”

Often, doctors think that the way to get more patients to start is to lower their prices.

That’s completely wrong.

Patients will pay higher prices… if they understand the value of having YOU as their orthodontist.

On this webinar, we’ll cover our proven formula for orthodontic consultations that get patients to want to do business with YOU – and to want to start treatment immediately.

For this webinar, Dr. Willy Dayan will team up with our Treatment Coordinator Coach, Laura Cafik-Martin.

Aside from coaching countless TC’s and staff members, Laura has served as Dr. Dayan’s own Treatment Coordinator for 15 years.

On the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • A systematic approach to customizing consultations for each patient that will dramatically increase treatment acceptance and improve patient compliance
  • How to increase the perceived value of treatment by clearly explaining the consequences of not starting
  • How to prepare for common objections so you can answer them confidently & easily
  • The key to making patients understand the value of having YOU design & oversee their treatment
  • Why you must sell results, not treatment – and how to easily incorporate this into your existing consultation process

If you implement our proven consultation formula, you’ll be able to create a trusting bond with your patients that will get them to say “YES” without hesitation.

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