July 10th 2018 – How to Set Up Inter-Arch Elastics with Aligners for Superior Results

By July 26, 2018Webinar
How to Set Up Inter-Arch Elastics with Aligners for Superior Results

The ideal elastic setup for Aligners is NOT necessarily the same as it is with braces. Fail to set up your elastics properly, and you’ll find your treatments will be less effective and take longer.

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Many Orthodontists aren’t quite sure how they should go about using inter-arch elastics with Aligners.

“When I’m using inter-arch elastics, do I have to put an attachment on the same tooth that has an elastic?”

“Which teeth do I use the crossbite elastics to?”

“Do I have to put the crossbite elastic to EVERY tooth in the arch or just to a couple of the teeth in the arch?”

These are just a few of the questions we’ll answer.

In this webinar, Dr. Willy Dayan will help you to:

  • Properly set up elastics to work in harmony with the unique characteristics that Aligners provide
  • Understand the fundamental principles that will allow you to effectively combine elastics with Aligners – not just for crossbites, but also for deep overbites and openbites
  • Finish cases faster & more effectively than you’re used to with braces
  • Understand the pros & cons of cutouts vs hooks – and know when to use each attachment method for best results
  • Set up elastics so they not only provide sagittal correction – but also aid in vertical correction at the same time
  • Increase the range of cases that you feel confident treating with Aligners – including taking on cases most Orthodontists believe to be “impossible”

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