Partnering with Your Ortho Coach

Business Growth

Use our platform to help gain international awareness to your products, and even your personnel. Our education platform has been established for well over a decade.

Coaching Opportunities

Send us your experts, or other doctors who have become masters of your products, to teach your orthodontic systems your way!

Widespread Reputation

Reach a global audience with our platform, that is recognized around the world! Gain rapport with our extensive client list too.

Why Partner with YOC?

  • Guarantee your product is utilized for successful orthodontic treatments to ensure repeat orders and long-term success.
  • Have your opinion leaders rise to the top of the orthodontic education scene.
  • Give your opinion leaders the ability to connect to your clients and products in an established education system that takes the stress out of coaching.
  • Orthodontic coaching accessible to your clients around the world. Using their real-time patient cases to continue their aligner education.
  • Avoid failures with your product that create a reputation suggesting “It Doesn’t Work.”
  • Your clients won’t have to travel the world to learn about your orthodontic products. Let your opinion leaders shine around the world!